What We Do

EvaTech is a construction and renovation company with 10 years’ experience in the Canadian market.

About Us

We are renovation a new construction and company with 10 years’ experience in the Canadian market working in interior and exterior Residential, Commercial, Clinical and Inductrial Projects within a range of 100 km radius from Toronto. We Have more than 10 years of Experience in transforming Homes into Ideal Living Spaces.

Projects List
Projects List
Projects List

Renovation is our specialty, We will provide professional and material necessary to the renovation in order to complete the work as per the plan approved by the owner. The processes and services required for renovations are quite specific and we have the flexibility to adapt to all renovation project. Our team of professional will work with architect, engineer and city officials in order to complete all renovation projects. We will manage, work and assist owners and tenants throughout the project to get the building renovation done in budget, on a timely matter and within all local and state building code and regulation.
New Construction

Many owner, residential or commercial want to transform their house or property to add or expend existing features. Our Company will manage all new construction project including ground level additions, expansion additions or detached additions. In either case, recognize that this will be a investment in time and money, but one that, done properly with our team of professional, will enhance the value of your most important investment: your home or business.
New Buildings
Home Renovation
Stain for staircases
Drywall Repair
Spray Painting
Taping & Plaster
Accent Walls